The shrinking tent and the black mamba’s roadtrip: memories from Nyungwe

What will I remember about the weekend in Nyungwe?

Well, lots. But I didn’t write any of it down. I was having far too much fun.

So, in the spirit of an unusually concise


Lara: ‘This tent has got smaller than last night’ (to raucous laughter). Because obviously it’s impossible that our Australian friends had sneakily spread out a little.

Some children we meet: ‘Let me tell you about the black mamba that got into our car while we were driving. We had to stop very quickly and lots of people ran to try and shake the car to get it out. We never found it.’ The children seem surprised and disappointed that their excitement simply made me go pale and quiet.

When I volunteer to drive: ‘Thierry didn’t make us feel this sick when he drove the car’.

Guys, it was an absolute pleasure. I’ll miss you all when I leave. But see you all in Kigali on Wednesday or Thursday before I disappear off to Kenya.

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