So I’ve not blogged for a while. Being a student nurse means unpaid shift rotation (education) + assignments + professional development + paid nursing assistant shift rotation. There’s not a great deal of time. I’ll talk more about nursing in future blog posts, hopefully, but I need to first find out how to do this in a way that protects ethics, patient confidentiality, the reputation of my profession, and is compliant with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Conduct.

Not having time to blog often wouldn’t matter if I didn’t feel a responsibility to blog. But now I do. A fellow traveller I met in Uganda and Rwanda said he might not blog because of this and I said it was silly. But perhaps he’s right. I have a tiny number of loyal readers (other than family who are always supportive) but they’ve been extremely kind (R, F, L and L from uni, you know who you are, as does a certain academic in Finland. I’m not naming you all in case you don’t want to be named).

So I kind of feel a duty to produce more material. I will make this simple by uploading my blogs from my 2016 trip to Togo, Benin and Ghana as soon as I can. This is easy, because I already have them written up on my computer. I’ll also try and update this blog every so often with more pedestrian reflections on life in South Yorkshire. Do comment on the blog to let me know if you’re interested or if I bore you to tears.

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