Metabolism, Veganism, and Exercise

So, since I got back from abroad my housemate and I have stepped things up a gear.

He’s vegan. And I don’t mean angry-activist-vegan. I mean, ‘would-you-like-to-try-what-I-made-without-cow-mammary-juice?’ vegan. Too many dashes? Probably. You get the picture.

Anyhow. His strategy worked. He makes delicious food. It’s cheap, affordable, and healthy. So much so that we cook for each other. It’s really nice not to have to cook every single night, and to eat meals together.


It’s causing me a few issues:

I find I have a limited range of recipes at present. Most nights that it’s my turn to cook normally involve cramming as many different veggies into a pan with some pasta and pasta sauce. Please comment below if you have links to any good, quick-and-easy, vegan recipes.

I’ve always had a very fast metabolism, including when I cycled to work and did twelve-hour days, regularly eating four to five meals a day and still being underweight (I’m doing this again now two days a week, and I’ve started going to the gym). But it seems to have gone into overdrive. I find myself eating and eating and eating (my portions are huge), and still feeling hungry after meals.

Is this because I’m addicted to sugary puddings and chocolate, which I’m no longer having in large quantities? Is it because I’m drinking less alcohol? Is it because I crave fat or meat or something I’m not getting (even though I’m still drinking milk and eating meat in the canteen on my lunch breaks at work, when I have dinner out, or when I get take-out)?

Finally, do any of you have any suggestions for how to gain (a little) weight? I don’t want to look like Bruce Lee, but I’ve always been – and remain – slightly underweight. I’ve had shakes before but they took away my appetite (but maybe they weren’t good ones).

Answers in the comment section below please. Especially if you blog on WordPress too. I’m keen to find some interesting blogs to follow myself. I’d also be really interested to hear from any other partial vegans about your own experiences of changing diet.

I’d better go home now (I’m at the gym), as it’s getting late and it’s my turn to cook.

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  1. great post – I’m kind of in the same boat too, trying to branch out with food, but also just stuck to a few vegan reliables when I’m in a pinch for time – which is fine, but worries me, coz I really want to have the variety which will keep me inspired! “Plant-Strong” by Rip Esselstyn is awesome for recipes tho… and his Engine 2 website is a great resource!


    1. Hi there,

      I’ll look at Plant Strong and Engine 2. Recipes are always great!

      I think the key thing is taking your time and being kind to yourself – so when I’m in a rush I cook ‘normally’ or grab a meat/non-vegan option.

      I’m also never intending to become fully vegan – its more to be kinder to the planet (though I gather tofu is controversial), kinder to my pocket, and kinder to my health by turning meat, alcohol et.c into occasional luxuries rather than daily feasts. And so the housemate and I can cook together.


  2. How about using tahini as your salad dress, and eating lots of (organic) nuts and seeds as snacks during the day?
    This is how I gained weight again after loosing 20kg inflammation from my bosy. The weight loss took place when I changed my diet towards AIP (= autoimmune paleo) vegan. It means that I am avoiding all pruducted goods as they come with all kinds of poisons that flare up my AI disease. I still eat cooked foods, though, but only the sort I can see what is in it, That is, mostly home-cooked, but if I eat out, it is mostly raw vegan, Italian, Mexican, Caribbean or tapas (also Indian kitchen is sometimes helpful). Many people are allergic to nuts and seeds, though, but if you are not, they are a great source of energy and good fats 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the tips Antu. I love nuts. Not a big fan of seeds to be honest. They don’t seem to have any substance to me! Also, I plan to blog about the raw food lunch in London at some point as it was great and really piqued my interest in non-mainstream foods.


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