Dear Manchester Suicide Bomber

Dear Manchester Suicide Bomber,   While the names of the dead aren't familiar, the places they're from are.   All the schools they went to and other places in North Cheshire and South Manchester where I spent most of my own childhood.   These are not places where people talk politics - well, they probably... Continue Reading →

Manchester bombing

This is a copy of my Facebook post tonight. I'd love to write about this in more nuanced detail, but between 12-hour student nurse shifts and my final assignments to qualify as a nurse, I'm a little short of time: Much as our political process had a role to play in the rise of the... Continue Reading →

The beauty of concrete

I leave the gym. My muscles are sore but I feel accomplished. Perhaps it's the fatigue and the soreness that trigger a sense of contemplative wistfulness. That, and the decision to move house. In any case, I find myself being taken by direction, rather than master of it. I take the car past the little... Continue Reading →

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