Manchester bombing

This is a copy of my Facebook post tonight. I’d love to write about this in more nuanced detail, but between 12-hour student nurse shifts and my final assignments to qualify as a nurse, I’m a little short of time:

Much as our political process had a role to play in the rise of the IRA, so too did it in this.
Yes, he’s an un-Islamic nutter.

Yes, it’s wrong that young children suffer.

Yes, it was evil.

No, he’s probably not linked to ISIS or anything but just a seriously mentally unwell loner inspired by them.

But I’ve heard the attack called ‘senseless’, which it definitely was not.

To quote the Guardian:

“Even before Abedi was named, several members of south Manchester’s Libyan community wondered whether the suicide bomber was one of their own: perhaps one of the young men who had fought in Libya during the 2011 revolution, some of whom came home traumatised and angry.”

Our government intervened in Libya as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. France has had decades of racism and the cracks of destabilisation are becoming visible. The USA has voted for Trump.

If we can take a single message from last night, it should perhaps be that we can vote against the rise of isolationism in this election. 

We can vote for parties that support the UK’s rich and diverse fabric. 

We can vote for parties that promote international co-operation and peace. 

We can vote for parties that don’t seek to wade into the Middle East and North Africa when there’s oil to grab, only to abandon the same regions when there’s genocide.

Guardian Article

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    1. Absolutely not. It’s a nuanced combination of factors, and British foreign policy is once such factor. So too are all the aspects of the lone terrorist I list: likely mentally unstable, un-Islamic in his actions etc.

      I don’t understand how the rape victim and the short skirt relates. Rape, like terrorism, is (academics seem largely agreed) about power dynamics. I’m not even sure there’s any correlation between wearing a short skirt and getting raped.

      I’m more making the point that a rapist, terrorist or any criminal is in some way a product of an exclusionary society: for example we know that children who end up in care are far more likely to end up in prison. Fact. This suggests that people treated badly by society and politics sometimes become bad in some way.

      I don’t blame a rape victim for wearing a short skirt (if that even had any bearing on attracting a rapist, which I’m not sure it does), in the same way I don’t blame the children at the Ariana Grande concert for listening to music that ISIS might see as inappropriate.

      I do, however, see the rapist and the suicide bomber as terrible mirrors of the worst elements of an overall decent society but that we all, as a society, nonetheless have some impact in creating.


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