Dear Manchester Suicide Bomber

Dear Manchester Suicide Bomber,
While the names of the dead aren’t familiar, the places they’re from are.
All the schools they went to and other places in North Cheshire and South Manchester where I spent most of my own childhood.
These are not places where people talk politics – well, they probably do sometimes, but not much. These are places where people meet friends and family. Places where they buy dinner at the supermarket. Places where they wander around parks. Places where children do their homework.
Mount a protest. Be an activist. Some aspects of society are shit – you’re right.

But don’t use a bunch of kids who aren’t old enough to do you any harm as the target.

The target of your twisted interpretation of a cause that might have once been good but that you’ve now forgotten in your anger and hate.

And think about the people you act in the name of. 
I don’t know any Muslims who’ll be pleased you acted in their name.

By becoming a figure of hate, then you’ve achieved worse than nothing.

You’ve achieved worse than nothing.

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