Filming, Street Children, Development and Religion (but no lunch) all in my first day back in Senegal after five years.

We're outside a 'daara', or koranic school for street children (talibes). There's a film crew from Lebanon, a drone pilot from Ghana (for aerial shots) and a TV news reporter from New York. They are documenting the experience of the talibes, and so they've asked Issa to take them to an 'especially terrible' daara -... Continue Reading →

Endless Rain. Endless Rain.

I arrive in Lisbon in the rain. I arrive in Dakar in the rain. I’ve never seen Senegal during the wet season.  Unable to find my driver, I run around attempting to negotiate taxi fares in French-Wolof. Eventually a dude agrees. The roads are flooded, it’s raining through the roof of the car, and there... Continue Reading →

Circular Structure

I first came across circular structure back at school. The teacher was a certain Miss Murphy - a Scouse dyslexic with a first class degree from Oxford who was always passionate and encouraging. I was a little in awe of her. If I remember rightly the text, from an exam anthology, was called The Train... Continue Reading →

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