A member of reception staff glides across the pristine carpet and under the Arabesque archways: ‘Monsieur?’ ‘Oui’ ‘Votre taxi, c’est arrivee’ I step into the passenger seat on the ramp adjacent to the entrance, and we being to descend the cobbles towards the exit. The hotel complex feels like a remake of a Medieval castle.... Continue Reading →

Oran: Architecture in Transformation

It is dark when I wake up. The hillside twinkles between navy sea and sky. Under my window, traffic flows paint the beginnings of day. A single crane on the horizon symbolises the building of this modern Algerian city. I take my breakfast facing the the coastline as the natural pastels of morning develop beyond... Continue Reading →

Endless Rain. Endless Rain.

I arrive in Lisbon in the rain. I arrive in Dakar in the rain. I’ve never seen Senegal during the wet season.  Unable to find my driver, I run around attempting to negotiate taxi fares in French-Wolof. Eventually a dude agrees. The roads are flooded, it’s raining through the roof of the car, and there... Continue Reading →

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