I arrive at Nairobi and pass through security three times (everywhere else it has been a mere twice). Nonetheless, I'm at the departure gate within half-an-hour of my arrival at the airport. It's much bigger than I remember, and completely unrecognisable: it burnt down and has since been rebuilt. I don't know a great deal... Continue Reading →

From Kigali to Nairobi

On the motorbike taxi journey to Kigali Airport I think about all the people I have met and all the stories that we have told: Fragments of personal existence. Ways of building friendship through the laughter or sadness shared. Kigali has been a place of many stories. I think first of Kathleen, the wonderful American... Continue Reading →

Congo Nile Trail: Day 2

On day two of four days' continuous walking from Gisenyi to Kibuye, I have no account. This is because I woke up in the hut with my three new American friends, and we walked together companionably. For those of you who know me, I talk incessantly when around other human beings. I therefore didn't reflect... Continue Reading →

Ntarama Genocide Memorial

Robbie┬árecommended that we see some genocide sites an hour or so from Kigali. He feels that these give a more situated and real meaning to events than the museum in Kigali. 'We' are Rachel and Beck (two Australian medical students on elective here), Thierry (a Swiss medical student), Lara (a medical student from the Netherlands... Continue Reading →

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