Anthropology – A Disclaimer

Is Anthropology useful? Or does it make me criticise and theorise too much when really I should not overcomplicate and simply enjoy. In the dark my taxi driver uses his phone at the wheel, as I did in Mindelo the other day. In Kossivi's restaurant a newly retired nurse from Stafforshire and her husband taste... Continue Reading →

Despite everything

From the Morabeza beach bar, there is only white sand and blue sea. For those who can afford it, this is idyllic. I spend twenty-five times some people's daily income (a dollar a day) on beer and sparkling water. I sit on the beach with the Norwegian gay couple I have met. One of them... Continue Reading →

Cape Verde No Stress

Cape Verde No Stress. Would the local agree, whose tap water - unfit for consumption - is rationed? Cape Verde No Stress. For me. Good LGBT rights, an African beach, where I can chat to people like me, without fear. But Cape Verde No Stress, while the taps are switched off, and the swimming pools... Continue Reading →

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