Bobby, Disability, and the Housing Crisis

This is a post about disability and the housing crisis, and it intersects with LGBT rights. I know there's an election coming up. And I know the personal is political etc. But this is personal. So I'm going to talk about Bobby and not the political landscape that constrains him. I remember meeting Bobby in... Continue Reading →

Anthropology, Dementia, and Front Line practice.

So, I should be writing reflections (this is a key aspect of student nurse learning) or starting my final assignment. Instead, I find myself procrastinating on Facebook. The two seem to have come together. A certain Dementia Specialist Nurse recently Lucy posted a TEDx video of Engage and Create founder, Rachel. Rachel speaks of moving from a career in advertising and marketing... Continue Reading →

Metabolism, Veganism, and Exercise

So, since I got back from abroad my housemate and I have stepped things up a gear. He's vegan. And I don't mean angry-activist-vegan. I mean, 'would-you-like-to-try-what-I-made-without-cow-mammary-juice?' vegan. Too many dashes? Probably. You get the picture. Anyhow. His strategy worked. He makes delicious food. It's cheap, affordable, and healthy. So much so that we cook... Continue Reading →

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