Aircraft Internet: From Entebbe to Dubai

It seems unreal connecting to the internet thousands of miles up in the sky between Entebbe and Dubai. I guess its progress. If I ever have children, they'll probably think such connectivity is entirely ordinary. Such is life. Anyhow: What will I remember? What will I miss? What won't I miss? I'll remember the ex-pat... Continue Reading →


On the horizon, two men assemble an electricity pylon. I never imagined these things were built. I just figured that they were deposited on the landscape, to exist. The workmmen look like ants crawling along cables.

Kibuye Sunrise

After sleeping for around twelve hours, I woke just in time to catch the sunrise. I can't choose between some of these photographs: each one of the boatmen or the birds captures a different aspect of their motion, of their being. To delete them simply because they are similar, in favour of trying to define... Continue Reading →

Congo Nile Trail: Day 3

Today I walked from Kinunu to Musasa. Today's themes are experience, beliefs and behaviours. My examples are coffee and money. They're totally linked. Trust me. Especially those fellow student nurses among you who once called me Mister Tangent in class. Or was that Tutor Fox? Anyhow, I hope that's what I got called, because that's... Continue Reading →

Congo Nile Trail: Day 2

On day two of four days' continuous walking from Gisenyi to Kibuye, I have no account. This is because I woke up in the hut with my three new American friends, and we walked together companionably. For those of you who know me, I talk incessantly when around other human beings. I therefore didn't reflect... Continue Reading →

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