Eliye: Ethics of a Traveller

The German girl tells the guy 'I wanted Kenyan tea...Kenya tea is...' I hope I do not do such things. I don't think my Kenyan friends mind as much as I do. But these kinds of things make me wince. 'The eggs are coming', the German man tells my friendly waiter. 'You see on the... Continue Reading →

From Kibuye to Uwinka

Does skipping writing for a few days matter? I used to feel obliged to write down every detail soon after the event once I started writing, and to write up my notes daily. But then it becomes a tedious chore. So now I don't worry about it. I guess it simply offers a different level... Continue Reading →


At the bus station I wait. Lots of buses come and go. There's a dude in an Arsenal football shirt fielding all the activity. Perhaps he works here. Or perhaps he's just another helpful and interested guy. Anyhow, I tell him the shirt's cool, but he should have picked a Northern English team. His mate... Continue Reading →

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