One man and his dog

Homeless man sleeps foetal. In the square, in Mindelo. Under my window. Homeless dog sleeps foetal too. Dog wakes up, walks over, gives homeless man a valedictory lick. But man is deep in sleep. If only under this silhouetted mountain, on this beautiful island, there could be a home. For man and dog to share.... Continue Reading →

Hammock: A Poem

From my hammock. I hear the crickets, and the crash of waves on the shore. I must leave my hammock, and go inside. To my bed once more.

The not-so-tranquil sea

Simao's bar is closed. The men chatting outside tell me to knock on the door to his adjacent house. I knock, sit on the step, and wait. His neighbours, sat on their step, call his name. He appears and I enter. He looks tired. He still smiles. He still fusses over making sure everything I... Continue Reading →

Stepping down from sky

The car halts. I slowly twist my face towards the driver as I sit up straight.‘This is it,’ he says.’This is what?’‘Tarrafal’‘Where?’‘Come’He beckons me towards the cliff edge. I follow, cautiously.‘Come ... come ...’I follow. Much more cautiously. Beyond the gravel, rock, and dust - all far too dry to give my shoes any purchase... Continue Reading →

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