A perfect day

Today could not have been more wonderful: Swimming in the lake with the four boys from the resort. For an hour, nothing matters, neither space nor time. There was only the sensation of the cool water, and the shimmering droplets washing over the black silhouettes of my new friends, cardboard cut-outs on a sun-drenched sky.... Continue Reading →


At the bus station I wait. Lots of buses come and go. There's a dude in an Arsenal football shirt fielding all the activity. Perhaps he works here. Or perhaps he's just another helpful and interested guy. Anyhow, I tell him the shirt's cool, but he should have picked a Northern English team. His mate... Continue Reading →

Kibuye Sunrise

After sleeping for around twelve hours, I woke just in time to catch the sunrise. I can't choose between some of these photographs: each one of the boatmen or the birds captures a different aspect of their motion, of their being. To delete them simply because they are similar, in favour of trying to define... Continue Reading →

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