Despite everything

From the Morabeza beach bar, there is only white sand and blue sea. For those who can afford it, this is idyllic. I spend twenty-five times some people's daily income (a dollar a day) on beer and sparkling water. I sit on the beach with the Norwegian gay couple I have met. One of them... Continue Reading →

Cape Verde No Stress

Cape Verde No Stress. Would the local agree, whose tap water - unfit for consumption - is rationed? Cape Verde No Stress. For me. Good LGBT rights, an African beach, where I can chat to people like me, without fear. But Cape Verde No Stress, while the taps are switched off, and the swimming pools... Continue Reading →


Britain is tiring. In January I oversleep my alarm for work several times. My bones freeze and thaw in the spaces between bedding and shower, shower and dressing, kitchen and car, car and hospital. I cannot catch enough sleep. I cannot catch my alarm. In Europe I am still tired from Britain. I hit snooze... Continue Reading →

Sainsbury’s Shame

Scarred nose, Tired tracksuit, Possibly homeless. A man in black suit and tie, Beckons scarred man. Offers him bread and jam. Security follow him around, Sainsbury's must earn every pound. Suited man pays, Says take care, And leaves. Security man pounces, And scarred man, Defenceless, Argues. I intervene. Less swearing, Posher accent. It's all paid... Continue Reading →

NHS England and PrEP

Fortunately NHS England does not represent the NHS as a whole. Prevention using PrEP is cheaper than treating HIV. So NHS England's argument is null and void on its own terms. Even were the argument sound, moral panic does not undermine prevention of other diseases, so there is no justice in it doing so here.... Continue Reading →

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