Ibiza: The contradictions of consumption

My friend Dan sips a Fanta on the beach. 'This is a holiday in the mouth', he says. It reminds him of drinking Fanta on previous holidays. There's substance to his throwaway comment. Especially for someone (yours truly) who actively enjoys overthinking situations and seeking out connections and linkages. For Ibiza is a contradictory nexus... Continue Reading →

Eliye: Ethics of a Traveller

The German girl tells the guy 'I wanted Kenyan tea...Kenya tea is...' I hope I do not do such things. I don't think my Kenyan friends mind as much as I do. But these kinds of things make me wince. 'The eggs are coming', the German man tells my friendly waiter. 'You see on the... Continue Reading →

Congo Nile Trail: Day 3

Today I walked from Kinunu to Musasa. Today's themes are experience, beliefs and behaviours. My examples are coffee and money. They're totally linked. Trust me. Especially those fellow student nurses among you who once called me Mister Tangent in class. Or was that Tutor Fox? Anyhow, I hope that's what I got called, because that's... Continue Reading →

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