Aircraft Internet: From Entebbe to Dubai

It seems unreal connecting to the internet thousands of miles up in the sky between Entebbe and Dubai. I guess its progress. If I ever have children, they'll probably think such connectivity is entirely ordinary. Such is life. Anyhow: What will I remember? What will I miss? What won't I miss? I'll remember the ex-pat... Continue Reading →

From Kigali to Nairobi

On the motorbike taxi journey to Kigali Airport I think about all the people I have met and all the stories that we have told: Fragments of personal existence. Ways of building friendship through the laughter or sadness shared. Kigali has been a place of many stories. I think first of Kathleen, the wonderful American... Continue Reading →


On the horizon, two men assemble an electricity pylon. I never imagined these things were built. I just figured that they were deposited on the landscape, to exist. The workmmen look like ants crawling along cables.

From Kibuye to Uwinka

Does skipping writing for a few days matter? I used to feel obliged to write down every detail soon after the event once I started writing, and to write up my notes daily. But then it becomes a tedious chore. So now I don't worry about it. I guess it simply offers a different level... Continue Reading →

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