Congo Nile Trail: Day 1

How to spend annual leave? For many, not a difficult question. Perhaps on a European beach? Or camping somewhere in Britain? I have other ideas. I rather like a cultural experience that's logistically difficult to organise and with a moderate serving of mild suffering (though only by first-world-problem standards, naturally). It's in this spirit that... Continue Reading →

Ntarama Genocide Memorial

Robbie┬árecommended that we see some genocide sites an hour or so from Kigali. He feels that these give a more situated and real meaning to events than the museum in Kigali. 'We' are Rachel and Beck (two Australian medical students on elective here), Thierry (a Swiss medical student), Lara (a medical student from the Netherlands... Continue Reading →

From Kampala to Kigali

Getting to the airport isn't easy. The internet is down. I call a normal taxi. It's going to take hours to arrive. I'll miss my flight. The internet is back up. I order an Uber. Philip arrives in minutes. Philip has just finished a degree in Development Studies at university here. Is Uber good for... Continue Reading →

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